ADAPTERS – SAMSUNG Real Genuine N193 V85 N17908 19V 3.16A 60W 5.5*3.0 with pin API1AD02


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ADAPTERS – SAMSUNG Real Genuine N193 V85 N17908 19V 3.16A 60W 5.5*3.0 with pin API1AD02

Original Samsung Laptop AC Adapter Power Charger N193 V85 N17908 19V 3.16A 60W

AC Input: 100 – 240V, 50~ 60Hz
DC Output: 19V 3.16A, 60 Watt
Connector: 5.5mm*3.0mm
Outlet: 3-prong
Cord Cable: US, UK, EU, AU plug
Item Includes: 1x AC Adapter
Warranty: 6 months
Compatible Part Numbers:
AD-6019, AP04214-UV,ADP-60ZH A,BA44-00243A,AD-6019R,AD-6019P,AD-6019C,AD-6019B,API1AD02

Compatible models:

Compatible models:

Samsung NP200

Samsung NP400


Samsung Q320

Samsung NP-Q320

Samsung NT-Q320

Samsung Q322

Samsung NP-Q322

Samsung NT-Q322

Samsung Q428

Samsung NP-Q428

Samsung NT-Q428

Samsung R423

Samsung NP-R423

Samsung NT-R423

Samsung R428

Samsung NP-R428

Samsung NT-R428

Samsung R429

Samsung NP-R429

Samsung NT-R429

Samsung R430

Samsung NP-R430

Samsung NT-R430

Samsung R431

Samsung NP-R431

Samsung NT-R431

Samsung R439

Samsung NP-R439

Samsung NT-R439

Samsung R440

Samsung NP-R440

Samsung NT-R440

Samsung R458

Samsung NP-R458

Samsung NT-R458

Samsung R460

Samsung NP-R460

Samsung NT-R460

Samsung R462

Samsung NP-R462

Samsung NT-R462

Samsung R463

Samsung NP-R463

Samsung NT-R463

Samsung R464

Samsung NP-R464

Samsung NT-R464

Samsung R465

Samsung NP-R465

Samsung NT-R465

Samsung R466

Samsung NP-R466

Samsung NT-R466

Samsung R467

Samsung NP-R467

Samsung NT-R467

Samsung R468

Samsung NP-R468

Samsung NT-R468

Samsung R470

Samsung NP-R470

Samsung NT-R470

Samsung R522

Samsung NP-R522

Samsung NT-R522

Samsung R478

Samsung NP-R478

Samsung NT-R478

Samsung R480

Samsung NP-R480

Samsung NT-R480

Samsung RC410

Samsung NP-RC410


Samsung RC420

Samsung NP-RC420

Samsung NT-RC420

Samsung RC425

Samsung NP-RC425

Samsung NT-RC425

Samsung RF411

Samsung NP-RF411

Samsung NT-RF411

Samsung RV408

Samsung NP-RV408

Samsung NT-RV408

Samsung RV410

Samsung NP-RV410

Samsung NT-RV410

Samsung RV508

Samsung NP-RV508

Samsung NT-RV508

Samsung Q330

Samsung NP-Q330

Samsung NT-Q330

Samsung QX310

Samsung NP-QX310

Samsung NT-QX310

Samsung Q230

Samsung NP-Q230

Samsung NT-Q230

Samsung Q318

Samsung NP-Q318

Samsung NT-Q318

Samsung P428

Samsung NP-P428

Samsung NT-P428

Samsung P230

Samsung NP-P230

Samsung NT-P230

Samsung P330

Samsung NP-P330

Samsung NT-P330

Samsung SF310

Samsung NP-SF310

Samsung NT-SF310

Samsung SF311

Samsung SF311

Samsung NP-SF311

Samsung SF410

Samsung NP-SF410

Samsung NT-SF410

Samsung SF411

Samsung NP-SF411


Samsung X330

Samsung NP-X330

Samsung NT-X330

Samsung X331

Samsung NP-X331

Samsung NT-X331

Samsung X430

Samsung NP-X430

Samsung NT-X430

Samsung X431

Samsung NP-X431

Samsung NT-X431