HP ProBook 430 G3, 450 G3, 455 G3, 470 G3, 440 G3 AC adapter – GENUINE

Probook 430 G3, 450 G3, 455 G3, 470 G3, 440 G3 Genuine OEM laptop charger / AC Adapter. 19.5V 3.33A (65W) Warranty 6 Month

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Probook 430 G3, 450 G3, 455 G3, 470 G3, 440 G3 Genuine OEM laptop charger / AC Adapter. 19.5V 3.33A (65W) Warranty 6 Month


  • Guaranteed to meet the specifications of your laptop.
  • Built in Over Temperature Control.
  • Built in Over Voltage Protection.
  • Built in Short Circuit Protection.
  • Built?in Current Protection.
  • Fire retardent casing.
  • Sealed for protection against moisture and humidity.
  • Certified for safe use in UK and Europe.

This is a Genuine OEM laptop charger for a?HP Probook 450 G3. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. So what does that mean?

Laptop manufacturers like HP, Dell, Toshiba, Acer etc are not in the business of manufacturing laptop chargers. Their job is to manufacturer the laptop itself. These companies will contract an OEM company to manufacturer the laptop chargers for them to the specifications required by the laptop. There are five main OEM companies that manufacturer laptop chargers for all the major laptop manufacturers and they are?Delta Electronics,?Liteon,?ACBel,?Chicony?and?HiPro.

Do your chargers have straight or angled tips?

We source our stock from various manufacturers and as such the tip can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The tip in the product image above has been provided to show the size of the tip and not the angle. If the angle of the tip is important to you, please give us a call or drop us an email to check current?availability.

Are your chargers brand specific?

Not always. This largely depend on a couple of factors: a) how we source the chargers ie. from the charger manufacturer or from the laptop manufacturer and b) the compatibility spread of the laptop charger. Some chargers work across many different laptop makes and models so to keep costs down we will order these chargers in bulk with the OEM’s branding. Where a charger is used by only one laptop manufacturer these are normally brand specific. As an example, most of our HP and Dell chargers are branded as such. This?HP Probook 450 G3 laptop charger?is branded Hewlett Packard.

So, if the charger is not brand specific, will this have an effect on the quality of the laptop charger?

No, even though the chargers are not brand specific, they are manufacturered in the same factories, using only ‘A’ grade quality components and thoroughly tested.

I’ve seen “OEM” branded chargers available on the internet much cheaper than yours. Why are you so expensive?

Actually, you will find that all of the reputable SL suppliers of laptop chargers are similarly priced or higher.

Yes, the internet is flooded with cheap laptop chargers. The majority of these are clearly poor quality and will have no branding at all, just the words “AC ADAPTER” or similar on the label. However, just like most high quality brands, there are companies that go out of their way to manufacturer fakes and sell them as original goods. These are hard to spot and unless you actually open one up you probably wouldn’t tell the difference straight away. The only advise we can offer here is that if the price looks to good to be true, it probably is.

Consider this: If you find an “OEM” charger for Rs2500, factor in the costs of manufacturer, maintaining regulatory certification, export/import and the profit that both the manufacturer and retailer need to make, how can they sell the charger for such a low price? This can only achieved by cuting corners on quality and safety.

We guarantee that this?HP Probook 450 G3 laptop charger?has been sourced from a reputable OEM manufacturer and has passed all EU/UK safety standards. All of our products bear the CE marking which indicates the products compliance with EU legislation.

    Product Type Fixed Tip Charger
    Volts 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz (Worldwide Use)
    Volts 19.5VDC
    Amps 3.33A Max.
    Watts 65W
    Tip Angle (Straight / 90?) 90?
    Tip Size 4.5mm x 3.0mm
    Tip Shape Barrel with center pin
    UK Power Lead No can add for Rs 500 for Compatible Or Genuine Rs 1000
    Warranty Period 6 Month
    Warranty Exclusions General wear and tear, worn or damaged cables and DC tips, fuses, damage caused by mishandling. Power issue
  • Compatible with P/N:

    HP P/N 719309-001; P/N 719309-003; P/N 721092-001; P/N 740015-001; P/N 740015-002; P/N 740015-003; P/N 741727-001; P/N 741427-001; P/N A045R07DH; P/N HSTNN-DA35; P/N HSTNN-LA35; P/N HSTNN-CA40; P/N HSTNN-DA40; P/N HSTNN-LA40; P/N ADP-45WD B; P/N ADP-45FE B; P/N PA-1450-36HE; P/N PA-1650-32HE.

    PPP009D PPP009C 710412-001 , 709985-002 , 714657-001 , HSTNN-DA15 , HSTNN-LA15 , 714149-001 , 714149-002 , 714149-003 ,714158-001, PA-1650-34HE , AD9043-022G2 , HSTNN-CA15

    Hp Envy Touchsmart 14-k00tx 14-k002tx 14-k047tx 14-n027tx 14-n032tx 15-n018tx 14-n029tx Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000 693715-001 Ts-e011au Ts 14-k031tx 710412-001

    Fit models:

    HP Pavilion 15-e060se HP Pavilion 15-e060sr HP Pavilion 15-e060sx HP Pavilion 15-e061sr HP Pavilion 15-e061sx

    HP Pavilion 15-e063eo HP Pavilion 15-e063so HP Pavilion 15-e063sr HP Pavilion 15-e066eia HP Pavilion 15-e066si,,

    HP Pavilion 15-e010us ,15-e020us, 15-e028us, HP Pavilion 15-e014nr ,15-e015nr ,15-e016nr

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