We will not repair or attempt to repair any other faults you may have or had in the past and problems which are not mentioned in our estimates. eg. battery not detecting- Sound CD-ROM, USB issues, Keyboard issues, Network, WiFi, Screen Defects, Plastic issues or CPU etc..
( if you had these issues before, they will not be repaired or included in estimate since they cannot be diagnosed due to the main problem in the laptop. ) A successful repair means – we will boot your laptop to the desktop with our Hard Drive or your Hard Drive.

All motherboard related to estimates are given by the general technician and once we have the approval from you only we will put it to the motherboard repair technician. Hence after the repair only we can tell you which parts have been replaced and repaired during the process.

in the event of repair fails due to chips set fail- onboard CPU fail-  layer path damaged or previous motherboard repairs- we will send you a fresh quote for replacement of the motherboard. Please note if not agreed to replace the motherboard you will be charged our Diagnose Fee.

Apple Diagnose fee Rs2500

Windows models Rs1750


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